About Us

“Uncompromising quality, scientifically proven and formulated by doctors — this is our guarantee”

Why was MD choice created?

As doctors, treating patients with medication has always been a vital part of managing their medical problems. However, we know that drug therapy often comes with side effects, especially when patients are on multiple drugs at the same time. This can lead to the unintended disruption of enzymatic, metabolic and immunological processes, together with depletion of nutrients and minerals from the body.


With more than 60 years of combined clinical experience, listening to patients and learning from their needs, we have increasingly become aware of the crucial role nutraceutical products have in complementing conventional drug therapy. In day to day clinical practice, we have seen how incorporating a more holistic approach to therapy, by using medication as well as nutraceuticals, has helped our patients achieve optimum wellness and health, not just correct their ailments.

“Excited and inspired by these patients’ experiences, we wanted to offer fellow doctors a source of healthcare supplements of consistently high quality, at doses and formulations that have been rigorously and scientifically proven.”

Why are we different? TWO reasons!!


Firstly, while many companies produce and supply healthcare supplements, few are able to guarantee the consistency and quality of their products. In an industry largely without formal regulation, patients may be faithfully taking substandard supplements for years without truly receiving its full benefits.

At MD Choice, all the products in our range have been manufactured at a state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly facility in the United States that has consistently exceeded GMP standards. Whether you are a fellow healthcare professional or a patient, you can be assured that every product from MD choice is of uncompromising quality- and that’s a promise.


Secondlyevery product has been painstakingly formulated by our team of doctors who have all been trained in well-known medical centres in the United States and Europe. We rigorously searched through currently published scientific evidence to obtain information on the efficacy, safety, dosage and indications for each product. You can be sure that each time you prescribe or consume one of our products, you have a wealth of scientific evidence supporting you to ensure optimal clinical outcomes.